Wellsville Municipal Airport

2600 Tarantine Rd, Wellsville, New York

(585) 593-3350

Flight Instruction

The Wellsville Municipal Airport has teamed up with Costa Air Service to provide flight services. Costa Air Service is based out of 7N1 in Painted Post, New York and provides flight training, ground training, and aircraft rental.

Costa's offer flight training for a number of licenses and endorsements. The most common is the private pilot license. A Discovery Flight is usually the first flight a new student takes when embarking on their path to a private pilot license. Checkout the following document for a summary step-by-step guide: How to get a private pilot license. Costa's offers a Discovery Flight experience for $99 that includes a discussion regarding the student's flight aspirations with one of their CFI's, a pre-flight of the aircraft, and a flight where the new student pilot can take the flight controls. A Discovery Flight usually lasts about one and a half hours. For more information, please click here for a PDF document that offers a summary of the requirements and costs associated with obtaining a private pilot license.

Costa's flight instructors are available to students seven days a week, weather and schedule permitting. They train student pilots to achieve their private pilot license, instrument rating, complex rating, and more. Please contact us with any questions you may have--we are here to help guide and tutor all aviation enthusiasts.

Costa's also runs a traditional ground school to help students learn and better understand the information assessed on the private pilot written exam (which is a prerequisite to the practical test/check ride and the oral exam).

Click here to visit Costa Air Service's website for additional information.

picture looking out of plane above clouds over the finger lakes